There is no para-transit service in the Corning-Elmira area.

Medicaid recipients have medical-only transportation support.

If you live within 3/4 mile of a bus route, CEATS offers only route-deviation,

curb to curb transportation, a limited, non-standard meeting, unpredictable uncertainty.


20.8%, or an estimated 19,038 people in Steuben county have a disability.

The employment rate for people with a disability age 21 to 64 is 47.7% in contrast with those without a disability, which is 80.5%.  The lack of transportation affects the ability to work. 


Access to transportation is a major issue for people with disabilities living in rural areas. 

The latest surveys (Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation) estimate that 1 in 50 Americans is paralyzed… that’s 1,960 people in Steuben County as a potential audience for Corning Paratransit Services.




Support mobility and empowerment for the disabled today by contributing to

Corning Paratransit Services, Incorporated.  You may use your credit card via Paypal.