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We're not there yet. The dream of on-demand paratransit in the Corning area remains unfulfilled. While we work, we've identified others who offer services and support in the area of assisted, public transportation.


Paratransit Resources in the Corning-Elmira Area


If the person is on MEDICAID, there are a number of
transportation services that offer nonemergency medical transportation.

Otherwise, the “private pay” then the options are limited for non emergency Medical transportation.


Limited mobility might evil themselves of curb-to-curb options like rout deviation in Corning.

But in a  wheelchair —  curb to curb serves mean there’s no assistance across our grassy medians.

For door to doorparatransit, there is Steuben Area Rides from the Arc of Seuben.
They operate buses with a wheelchair lift and charge by the mile.
They have limited availability, M-F generally 9:30 to 2

The other option is Total Transportation, a taxi service that has 2 wheelchair accessible cabs.
They charge a premium for these. They are available 7 days a week but are very poor performers 
In terms of fulfilling any appointment in a timely fashion. (Some have been left waiting for hours)

Elmira’s public transportation includes kneeling and wheelchair accessible buses.
They’ve just started a new program called Access Chemung a new pilot shared, curb-to-curb bus service connecting seniors and people with disabilities with accessible transportation to employment and medical appointments.* 

This new, pilot service is a private pay option for seniors 60 and older or a person with a disability people who needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle to get to non-Medicaid medical appointments such as dialysis (Medicaid recipients have transportation as a covered service and are not eligible for this program for medical appointments). Also, trips will be provided to a person with a disability traveling for employment. You must be an approved applicant to utilize this service.  Applications will be reviewed by the Chemung County Office of Aging and Long Term Care, the Chemung County Volunteer Action Corps, or the Chemung County Mobility Manager.

What is the fare: The fare is $15 each way and service will be provided by a wheelchair accessible bus.  If you do not require accessible transportation, there are other services such as taxi, which may be a more economical option.

Where: Service is provided within Chemung County and to Robert Packer Hospital or Corning Hospital. Service is curb to curb, and there is no additional charge for an aide or family member who may be accompanying you for your appointment.

When: Reservations are requested 3 days in advance, but not later than 2PM the day prior to the needed ride. Service hours are: Monday – Friday 5:30AM-8:30PM. Reservations may be made from 8:00AM-4:00PM. A time will be set to pick-up for your return trip; however, if you are finished early or late, call 734-5211 to adjust your pick up time.

Why: This pilot transportation option is being developed to fill a gap in service identified by residents and the Chemung County Coordinated Transportation Committee.  Accessible transportation is difficult for people who do not live on bus routes or are not covered by Medicaid to access critical medical care.  Current accessible transportation can be more expensive and this service is intended to be an additional accessible transportation option.

CEATS - Corning Erwin area transportation offers a limited route deviation service, so it depends on where the senior lives as to whether or not they will be serviced. This is stop to stop/curb to curb.  

"Persons on Medicare must show their Medicare card each time you board. CEATS offers curbside pick-up service through its Route Deviation/Demand Response Service Program. If you are a person living within 3/4 of a mile of a bus route, you may qualify for curbside service. The fare for Route Deviation is double the regular fixed route fare and is posted below. Each route deviation will cost double the regular fixed route fare."

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